MTK041 Luen

Motorik! is pleased to announce the first contribution to the label from long-time friend and underground workhorse Luen.

Title track Strange Purpose’s low-slung rubbery electro kicks things off. Squelches are paired with choral ringing pads and panning vocals ringing through your brain. Why So Soft? offers dreamy ambience and crispy percussion punctuated by tranced-out euphoric bleeps that swell and swell; late-night rhythmic bliss that soothes and elevates.

The flip comes in hot with remixes of both tracks. Nicola Cruz squeezes all the juice from the title track and pours out a watery electro journey that glitches and trickles its way through your auditory cortex. Philou Louzolo’s take on Why So Soft? synergises ambience, acid harmonies and the EPs only 4×4 kick to provide dancefloor air, sway, and groove.

To celebrate the release of the Strange Purpose EP, Luen is going on a national tour including shows in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Newcastle, plus she’s supporting Peggy Gou on her upcoming Australian Shows. She’s following these with festival slots at Splendour in the Grass, Meadow Festival and Output Weekender.



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