MTK040 For Life

Re-emerging from the shadow of an 18-month lockdown-induced hiatus, Motorik! Recordings re- ignites the dancefloor with a flamethrower: Sing/Trap, from cult technoeuphoria magnate For Life.

It’s a return to the label’s Fun With Techno guiding principles. Sing is a dance floor meditation, a groove for all nations. Rising pads and blissed out sawtooth moments with choral accoutrements combine to form a whole that wouldn’t be out of place in a certain M.Mayer’s deejay set. Trap harks back to the building blocks of euphoric late 80’s house music but cranks the pump up to 11 with a bassline big enough to demolish buildings.

MTK extends the hand of friendship via remix packaging to you all, with rising hi-NRG techno outfit McLean & Mai laying it on thick with Trap – a slamming paean to the sort of grimy, strobe-lit, probably illegal, dancefloor ideal. From straight out of leftfield, one of Sydney’s most outlandish all- analogue improvisational machines, SwingingTastyBag give to us a little slice of paradise: a five-and- a-half-minute live jam, no edits, just straight up skill, and vibrations from another plane.



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