MTK035 – McLean & Mai – Likeness

Sometimes you have to look to the past to find the future. McLean & Mai’s new one does exactly that, it has nods to the ole’ electro times yet still also pushes it to a modern day warmth. By the artist sometimes known as M&M Motorik Recordings presents the Likeness EP. A two tracker of indulgence because why water something so right down.
Likeness kicks off the proceedings, broken beat, bleepy, bloopy and a sprinkle of words – what more could you ask for! This thing is kooky and functional at the same time. The synths rule this track; they free flow throughout boiling up and down, pushing you along at all the right moments.
On the flip we have Something Else, an apt title because this is like Nuthin’ Else. This is as heavy as they can come really. The synths growl, the bass weighs you down and the breakdown will help you lose your grip on reality. Charming stuff really.
Get in your veins Nov 23 from your friends in the party biz MTK.



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