Two men, in a room. Playing with computers, playing with synthesizers, playing with their minds. They studiously ignore any social media discussion of “what is techno?”, for they know that, deep down inside, they are techno, for they have rhythm a la Roland, and as Roland creates the future, and techno is the future, they must be techno.

Is this a snapshot of McLean and Mai, at this exact moment in time? Who knows. The mystery will unfold, the hats will sizzle, the kicks will… kick. Time will move forward. Speaking of time, now is the time, as it’s the future, and a new McLean and Mai EP has just landed in your inbox/on your download platform of choice. This, truly, is the snapshot of now. From Sydney, Australia, with love, aggression and painstaking programming of their analogue machinery, please welcome Tier 3.

More rounded, more full, more richness of texture. It’s new and improved M&M, and it’s what you need.

Open the doors to chords, as Fuchsia insistently draws you in. A stomper that’s almost low-fidelity in motion, but still with that smooth swing and feel that says: I’m great for just before peaktime.

LS400 creeps, like inertia. It’s driving, yeah, but it’s got something that says… I’m sneaking up behind you, and I’m going to sweep you into the dancefloor and far away. If this is not a helpful description, let’s just par it back and accuse it of being almost EBMish in sensation, perhaps even a little early 90’s Belgium – harking to a time of terrible hairstyles and terribly amazing music.

Like Dance Mania? Well, this might work for you. Meet Poleaxe. Poleaxe, well, poleaxes. It’s tuff, mon, real tuff. A tip of the hat to R&S, but tasteful and modern too. We like it.

Taking all of the influences and innovation of the EP and wrapping it into one obscenely compelling slice of multi-cultural dancefloor unity, Tier 3 is peak McLean and Mai. You can get it pumping. You can get it driving. You can get it cooking a crowd into 909-laden oblivion. As a matter of fact, I’ve got it now. A big dark warehouse needs a big dark tune, and the best dark tune is Tier 3. Rip the lid off and get into it today.

Another delightful little slice of dark, foreboding, slamming warehouse music from our newest signings McLean and Mai. And it’s only their second EP. Christ. Imagine what comes next…

Love and light,
The Motorik Vibe Council




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