5 years of Motorik recordings, 5 years of pleasure, 5 years of sweating, 5 years of dancing, 5 years of blurred vision, 5 years of 808 toms, 5 years of lying about what time you’ll be home, 5 years of synths as guitars, 5 years of burst eardrums, 5 years of secret guests, 5 years of heavy reverb, 5 years of ending up in the stables, 5 years of mtk xtc nrg, 5 years of kick-ons, after-hours and Sunday nights, 5 years of bumps, thumps and calling it stumps, 5 years of the acid haus, the 303, the 6AM, the Truth, The Finger Prince, the warehouse, the radio show, the regret, the treasure.

This is the soundtrack of those 5 years.

Friends and Family united for Motorik, veterans of the scene put together with our yung blood. A combination of those we hold dearest to our scene and even dearer to our hearts. We gave no brief to those who have contributed, only a question: do you have a track?

Born from the warehouse, the label was always the soundtrack to the parties. If you’ve been, you know. An open platform for Australian artists, to express themselves, to try new things, to build their careers, to put out that track no one else would even think about it, maybe it was too weird, too out there? Perfect, for Motorik. We’ve always been for the people, artists and fans alike.

Some exclusifs of what’s to come fall on this release if you keep your ear to the ground. Some of the dubs will find themselves in clubs as full EPs. Some of the remixes, teasers of vinyl only releases.

We thank all the artists who have contributed, and most definitely we thank all of you; we thank the punter, the listener, the streamer, the buyer, the sharer, the gurner, the DJs, the agents, the photographers, the visual artists, the crews who come to every party, the ones who have stuck out the whole 5 years, without you we couldn’t keep doing what we love.

Always more than a party, more than a label, a collective, a concept, an experiment.



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