Sometimes two men look each other in the eyes and know it’s meant to be, sometimes two men twiddle each other synthesizers and know it’s fate and sometimes two me can’t deny their desire to be together. Cue Pantheon & Horowitz, long time label mates and longer time friends. Together they’re double the trouble and double the strength; stronger kicks, bigger basses and even better melodies. This is their first EP together and their first Motorik release, that’s right you heard it here first this is an xxxclusive. This little number fell into our collective MTK Records lap at just the right time. We needed something with a little bit of emotion and even more percussion. Think pads which aren’t for your knees and bass which isn’t for jumping, Body Action is made for thumping.

Kicking off with Le title track, Body Action isn’t just music, it is musique. We signed that bad boy the second we heard that vocal sample, it’s not every day a couple of cats pull it off so smoothly. Body action is crisp enough for your peaktime and energetic enough for your daytime, you’ll be hearing this soundtrack the Motorik warehouses from now on.

What’s Hot? We’ll tell you, THIS is hot. It’s a little cosmic, a little arpeggiated and little stabby. It’s dialed back, but it keeps on rolling, music for the autobahn. So we’ll drive it into the front door the club and the back door of all digital webstores.

We’ve imported friends from far and wide on remix duties. Fairchild (the human, not the compressor) takes a linear approach on his remix responsibilities, this rework is patient for 5 and a half minutes then bam! A drop that brings you back to consciousness, you know what I’m talking about; late night, heads down, this is your new secret weapon. Label alumni Craig Williams working What’s Hot into brain-melter territory. This remix is so twisted you’ll forget your own name, guaranteed.

So without further ado we present Motorik’s newest family members, we’re past the point of talking, you know the deal; download, listen, click, stream and scream.



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