MTK020 – Francis Xavier & Phil Smart – Way Down (Underground)

Old friends. New Music.

You would be very hard pressed to find two more universally venerated individuals within the Australian dance music community. In an attempt to spare you the enthusiastic fanboy eulogies, we will say that Xavier & Smart have for a LONG time been 2 important ingredients in the glue that holds the Sydney underground together and keeps it honest. From ecstasy drenched stadiums headlined by Infusion, to the legendary hedonism of Tweekin, these boys have been working on the drum sounds with much patience since the beginning. In case you didn’t know already, Motorik! is honoured to present: Francis Xavier & Phil Smart – Way Down (Underground).

The music:
Way Down (Underground): The sorcerers are at their mind-warping best on this 10 minute journey. Perpetual motion has finally been achieved, thanks to some of the most delicious drum programming we’ve heard in while. This is a deep, percussive journey that is as soulful as it is driving. Pure 3am magic!

Pictures: That soon-to-be trademarked 808 tom programming is back on the flip, but this time it sounds like someone gave Neu! a sequencer and hit ‘record’. Serving suggestion: Eyes closed, head down.




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