WE BACK. WE SPOOKY. Halloween Vibez 4 U!

READY TO HIT DEM RAVES HARD, KID. We got the dreem lineup. We got the space. This is the place. Our vibe shamans have been cooking in the lab and came up with the best MTK XTC NRG THING we could come up with – a halloween party in a secret space, somewhere in deepest darkest Sydney, for you, us and STRICTLY two hundred of our closest dancebuddies. That’s right, this shit is ULTRA limited. If you sleep on dis, there’s no tickets at the door, and you will cry. Cry for the longest time. Srs.

But who can we take on this expedition beyond reality? Who can connect with the dreamwaves of the techno spirit animals in the most obscure of parallel dimensions? And, seriously, what the fuck does that mean?

The answer came to us in a combination of dreams and world-spanning facebook chat conversations: Turbo Recordings co-boss and lifetime MTK fam member THOMAS VON PARTY. The man, the legend, the formidable beacon of all that is AMAZING. He will shatter you on the d-floor and then repair you with love, light and trancedance.

More? NO WAI. YES WAI! Take dis: JON CONVEX. The man behind Instra:mental (with Boddika) and boss of Convex Industries. HUGE. His latest tune “Day After Day” is a verified MTK anthem. Wait. Do we even have anthems? Most of you are too googed up to remember this, rite? Whatever. Trust us, he’s a LORD.

And, yeah, the usual dumdums called the Vibe Council are back. BUT WAAAAIITTTT. Freshly off the boat from Montreal, it’s the return of Prince Fingers aka Angelo Cruzman aka Hoodrat, back into the MTK cubicle farm. Our k-levels have clearly been running low, and he’s here to ensure that standards are returned to normal. EXCITINNNGGGGGG.

Dress is STRICTLY spooky. Zombies, vampires, Day of the Dead vibez (looking at you, CSMNT61), post-apocalyptic urban survivors etc. You know what’s up – and anyone not in costume will totally be facepainted into submission by our on-site makeup artist.

This is a brand-new secret space. We will not be sending the address out via email – you will need to call the MTKRAVE hotline on the night, and we’re only putting a super limited amount on sale. Got it? Get it!


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