Motorik x Bandcamp

I’m sure you’ve heard that the bandcamp platform is waiving their fees today in support of musicians around the world who have been financially hurt by the ‘rona. 🦠❌
At Motorik, we’ve been working around the clock to add our entire back catalogue to the platform in time for this amnesty day 💪💻
That’s over 40 releases of some of the best emerging electronic music from Australia over the last 9ish years, including some never-before released rareties, some ltd edition wax and new Merch options too for the completists.
We really appreciate the support of everyone who has bought some music, been to a show or even just liked one of the artists’ pages over the years – you’re the reason we’ve survived the state govt’s culture wars and you’ve given us renewed focus to come back strong as soon as it’s safe to.
Hope to see you all soon – safe, healthy and ready to enjoy some music together again!


All Australian bookings for Motorik Vibe council, please contact Paul Stix at The Musique Agency:


Please send all demos to: