Join hands and take a brave step towards a brighter and more rave filled future, as the timeless/tireless party juggernaut that is MTK XTC NRG prepares to bring you the highlight of your summer nights.

Direct from Level 28 of MTK Towers, we’re pleased to announce to the world, after years of trans-continental fax machining and high-powered negotiation, the Australian debut show of none other than leading light of world-techno-power-funkoddity-dance, MR. DANIEL AVERY!

We don’t need to press-release you into knowing how special this is. He’s been lifted into the light by the Hon. Erol Alkan and his Phantasy label, he shares a studio with Reverend of Dance, Andrew Weatherall, and his debut album was acclaimed by NME as “in a league of it’s own”. The Times of London called it “Exceptional”. Trust us, not many techno albums get mentioned by NME, let alone The Times. It’s that fucking good.

Accompanying our imported rave shaman on this spiritual journey through spatial dimensions of light, sound and dance, the return of our home-grown rave shaman duo: THE FINGER PRINCE (aka Dreems and Francis Xavier). Let the XTC NRG flow. The long awaited reuniting of our long haired titans of wonk, the premiere 808 operators, the magical trans-dimensional tom-tom club operators from Planet Keta-7.

Twirling fingers and ignoring all boundaries in support, brotherly guitar slingers and erstwhile techno twirlers CSMNT61, the petite but powerful VIVI and MS. LINDA MARIGLIANO (jjjjjjjjokay) and the ever pleasant MOTORIK VIBE COUNCIL. It’s your dream wedding dj scenario, transported into a cavern of ravepowerâ„¢.

Make your life better. Build a nicer world. Transport yourself to a higher plane. Fill yourself full of MTK XTC NRG, and step into the world of DANIEL AVERY with us.



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