The feels. The rave. The XTC. The NRG. At MTK HQ, we’ve been busy, getting together our the latest EP from our main boi, JENSEN INTERCEPTOR. It’s time to celebrate System Addict’s coming out into the world, straight-up, flamboyant and rave-ready. Slap on your best late-night dancewear, because we’re locking ourselves in a basement with lasers, untz and all of the feels – srsly, ALL OF THEM – in a venue with no lockout, no closing time and a huge fucking sound-system. We’re bringing in the laz0rs. We’re bringing in the lights. We’re bringing in the dance. Long story short… we’re bringing the MTK XTC NRG 4U.

At the controls, leading off: JENSEN INTERCEPTOR. The Greece via Maroubra techno style. System Addict’s his new anthem, with huge love from Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Maelstrom, The Hacker, Louisahhh!!!, Mumbai Science, Hoshina Anniversary, TWR72, NT89 and Sinden. It’s all about him. Let the techno rain down upon you.

Coming close behind, BENI. He’s got a new EP out on Modular, too. He’s looking sharp, smelling fresh, playing amazing vibes all nite 4u. He used to run a little night called Bang Gang with some friends of ours. He’s got pedigree.

Surprise! One final spin with UK legend, JON CONVEX. Instra:mental (with Boddika)/Convex Industries/blah blah blah. He’s a geezer, we love him, he’s a ravecentric kinda chap. One last blowout before he goes home. Make it count!

Plus the usual MOTORIK VIBE COUNCIL types, including CSMNT61 and FRANCIS XAVIER.

Looking really sharp in the back there’s Triple J’s goddess of durp/techno, LINDA MARIGLIANO, reunited at last with her brother from a less-asian mother, VIVI. It’s a family kind of thing.

Let’s get reaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy wasted and dance. Yeah? Cool. See u on tha d-floor.



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