MTK!012 WE ARE 1

One year of fun with techno. May contain crazy parties, multiple incidents that definitely don’t fit under the banner “legal”, big sound systems, stone cold classic tunes, questionable ethics, tons of 4am hook-ups and “meetings” in bathroom cubicles. Somewhere along the way we launched a record label and got our records played by renowned music industry executives like Brodinski, Simian Mobile Disco, Azari + III, Tiga and Sinden. We did the grand tour of Sydney’s underground rave dens. We did the grand tour of everything, from MDMA to MDMZ.

But forget the blissful past. Let’s look into our techno-crystal ball: the future holds only rave, or raving to techno, or partying to techno. It’s what the people want. We’re committed to the people. We’re committed to providing only the best. Our team of international debonair internet downloading and record collecting titans have been hard at work, collating a selection of bona-fide new-jack-techno to play and and visualise for you at our first birthday celebration.

The future of parties is here: MOTORIK IS ONE.

You’re probably thinking: how do you become the future of parties? The answer is simple: by putting together a lineup that is the future of party. The lords of the techno dance. The princes, the princesses, the royalty, the royalty earners. And the first name that comes to mind after all of that is, in fact, 3 names. Light Year, Jensen Interceptor and The Finger Prince. These two (three) titans of techno are unveiling the first ever live happening of the spirit of our nation: AUSTRALIA. Announced to the world with the “Sydney on Acid” release on global supermarket giants Turbo, and followed up with remixes of ZZT, Boys Noize and Erol Alkan.

Individually, they need little introduction: Light Year is fondly remembered as Light Year, and will be shortly releasing his orchestral symphony “Moderation” in remixed form on Motorik, with contributions from Duke Dumont, Paul Woolford, Juri “Zyntherius” Hulkkonen and others. The Finger Prince is made up of chief rhythmic officer A.G. Gruzman and executive bassline assistant St. Francis Xavier. Their new release on Motorik, “Mao”, has gained worldwide acclaim by disc jockeys and alternative radio stations, and people who download tracks for free on the internet. But this surely can’t end here. More raw power is needed. Raw, sexy, magnificent power – and who better to be all of that than Jensen Interceptor. Formerly one half of Light Year, but now all of Jensen Interceptor. His remixes on our first two releases are hot fire. His upcoming debut EP is better than bad sex, and almost as good as okay sex. This man is raw party demolition power. We’ve mentioned this already. You get the picture. With their powers combined, these 4 men are the land down under. They are AUSTRALIA.

Next is two-man rap-funk-techno sensation WORDLIFE. Kato and Bozzetto tore the MTK Warehouse Rave apart, and it’s time to bring them back to front up in anticipation of their upcoming “Vision” EP on Motorik. You might have heard it on Anna Lunoe’s Fools Gold mixtape… and if you have, you know it’s pretty much a BOMB, of which they have many. It’s elementary, bro: WORDLIFE is the answer.

As always, MTK head honcho double team CSMNT61 are looking fashionable and looking for love in all the wrong places. They need some support to get over the loss of their beloved Jupiter 4, so if you’ve got a bag, open it up and share some love. VIVI is going back2back2back with actual music legend POCKET (he of Poxy Music and Pocket 808 fame). It’s two titans of 3-day benders, on a mission to start things off right, with Pocket’s fondess for obscure-but-hipshaking bass music and Vivi’s fondness for getting wild at low tempo. It could be magic. No, wait – it WILL be magic. It’s pug life.

But fuck alla that. It’s our birthday. Come down and party. It’s free with a ticket before 1am. We’ll share, we’ll love, we’ll rave, we’ll kick on for days and endanger relationships and jobs. See you there, babes.



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