MTK039 – End In Tears – On The Air

Freshness finds itself in many forms. Here we’ve got the debut single from new fella End In Tears. He’s been going wild on the URL and IRL with music, mixes and parties so we knew it was right to scoop him up with Mother Motorik. End In Tears sound of partii funk melts together a nice blend of electro, techno and breaks – quite a stunning drop if you ask me. On The Air throws samples at your left right and centre, some you know and some you don’t either way there is a sense of familiarity and the excitement of something new. We’ve been rinsing this newby from the warehouse to the airwaves and time and time again it’s landed right in the sweet spot. Channelling this new rave energy is a gaggle of remixers. Motorik alumni McLean & Mai take the machine funk angle giving this the grit and grime you need to throw down late night. Lex Barlin, slams a nice analogue infused melody to you, think chugger meet peak time on this. Even newer fella onoxonox gives that straightforward clean cut club edit which can seamlessly sit right in the middle of your mix. This is the beginning of a whole new experience with End In Tears, it starts with a single and ends with something greater. Keep it locked with this one, all brought to you by MTK Recs.


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