Years in the making, Blue’s Journey is the realisation of a voyage through the conscious mind and the outer limits of party, the 6am drive back home, the 7am quest for an afterparty, the 3pm sensation of staring into the eyes of your lover and realising you’ve come too far to give up on celebrating life.

This EP is a joyous, vibrant, immersive celebration of life. The product of two Australian friends, locked in a studio together and making music that’s equally at home in the club as it is in the car or in the bedroom. Harking back to the lush melodies of early 90’s progressive, filtered through the prism of the light of techno, yet unmistakably forward thinking. Mixed by ARIA Award winning artist/engineer Francis Xavier (Flight Facilities, Infusion, The Finger Prince) and mastered by Mike Marsh (Massive Attack/The Chemical Brothers).

Blues Journey is a euphoric introduction to the world of For Life, where synthetic melodies combine with rolling percussion and aching, droning sensations of melancholy that resolve in a flash of light, sound and dance. The sort of record Sasha and Digweed would have once fought over, the sort of record that can live at Panorama Bar but shine on a huge outdoor stage. A song (not a track) laden with juxtaposition. A song for living to. A song for dancing to.

Long Drive continues the journey: head down, into the rain, through the darkness and into the light – swooning synth lines meet driving percussion. Science fiction made reality, where the androids fear to tread, but instead rave into the sunlight. Unmistakably the most dance floor friendly of this compact introduction to the For Life universe, Long Drive is built for the toughest of emotional conditions.

Rain Break is the sort of intelligent, left-field music that will sing to the heart of the rhythm-minded – a record made with the end of the party in mind, but leaving the door open for something more. Thunderous drums slowly muted into introspection, gently unadorned production and feelings of hunting for a joyous conclusion to the night. Ambient in direction, epic in feel: as 90’s as it is now.

For Life open the door to their world and draw the curtain behind you. 3 tracks of yearning, dancefloor-burning and bed-bouncing music for lovers of the night and the light. Welcome to a world of New Life: For Life.




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