Made In Paris

Our little crü gets a little larger, and a little bit more feminine.

Motorik! is pleased to introduce to the world an EP that’s sleek, seductive and versatile but absolutely 110% ready to tear the floor apart. Dancing In The Dark is the dawn of a brave new talent in the global dance field of rave, a little bit deeper than the usual MTK foolishness, and our first from Sydney synthstress Made in Paris.

We’ve a&r-ed this one to the max, with mixdown magic from ex-Infusion/Freeland man Francis Xavier, and remixes from Turbo wunderkind Trace7000, who turnts it up a notch for the technoclub, Eskimo TwinHeretic who dials the BPM back for some wonky death disco vibes, and yung Sweat It Out! prodigy Lyndon Kidd keeps it dancefloor.

We’ve been smashing it from coast-to-coast, and invite you to do the same. It’s our pleasure to bring this into the world. Give it the love it deserves.



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